If there's two things I hate more than anything else, it's the New York Yankees AND only being given the choice of hating two things... I hate much more.  That being said, Derek Jeter transcends even the Yankees.The Yankees' roster is a collection of athletes pieced together as a "team", but they're essentially nothing more than hired guns.  The only part of the Yankees "team" that even resembles a team wears #2.  Have I mentioned I hate the Yankees?

Jeter has been tabloid fodder, a boy-toy for starlets and an endorsement machine.  Through all the Jeter girlfriends and all the Yankees roster changes, the only constant has been #2.  Have I told you yet that I hate the Yankees?

You'd have to go back to Reggie Jackson to find someone that owned the Big Apple the way Jeter has.  You'd have to go back well before Jackson to find someone brought up through the Yankees system to find the success Jeter has.  Have you heard that I hate the Yankees?

What Jeter represents to the Yankees haters like myself (I don't know if I've mentioned that) is the one reason not to completely write off the organization as a mafioso-esque operation that flashes their wealth more than they flash hardware nowadays.  A-Rod?  Hate 'em.  Texeira?  Hate 'em.  Jeter?  He's a'ight.

Some (probably me) will choose to focus on his off-the-field exploits more than what he brought TO the field, but you can't deny the impact he had beyond the boxscore.  He's been the one constant in a lineup that's changed more than Jeter's relationship status on Facebook.

All that being said, this commercial is great.  If there's one thing I love about baseball it's the history of the game and the respect paid to it by those wearing the uniform.  The one thing I love in baseball more than anything else is the tip-of-the-hat.  Whether a curtain-call after a pivotal home run or a final goodbye to a legend, a simple tip-of-the-hat says more than words ever can.