The future is here, and there is now a test that can help police determine if you're driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Presently, it is extremely simple for many to conceal the consumption of marijuana or THC. Products like edibles, and vape pens can have far less smell, making them undetectable in at least one sense.

Marijuana is slowly becoming legalized in some kind of form across the nation, but that doesn't mean that you should drive while under the influence.

According to CBS 11, officers will now be able to test a person's saliva for the amount of THC present. This new technology is being developed by the University of Texas at Dallas.

The test will be placed in your mouth to collect saliva, and then placed on a sensor that will report a number within 30 to 60 seconds.

Texas law states that driving while impaired on any drug, is illegal. However,  DWI's involving marijuana are hard to prove without possession of the drug because Texas does not have a "legal limit" of THC.

With the creation of this new THC test, will Texas set a legal limit for THC or simply have a zero tolerance policy?

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