January 1, 2014 wasn't just the beginning of a new year, it was the beginning of some new laws in Texas.  Here's some you might want to take notice of.

With the new year, the state of Texas has 47 new laws that went into effect.  Some of the notables are:

  • First time applicants for unemployment benefits have to pass a written drug screening test.  If results show the applicant is prone to drug use, they must pass a drug test to get the benefits they're entitled too.
  • No tanning salon time for anyone under 18 years of age and salons must keep records of a client's first three visits, detailing info like skin type, the amount of time the customer uses the bed, and any injury or illnesses.
  • You no longer have to submit your social security number when applying for a concealed handgun permit or renewals.
  • The service animals of vets with PTSD are now equal in access with dogs that service the blind.

The state of Texas enacted approximately 600 laws between during 2013 and into 2014