News 10 is reporting that hospitals in 2019 are now required to post their service prices online.

Many people are shocked by the bill after attending a hospital for care. Government officials are hoping to alleviate some of that shock with this new bill.

Ideal MRI opening up in Waco next month is already advertising $497 MRI's.

"We think there's just a better more obvious way doing it (business), to have transparency pricing. That way patients can make educated decisions and we think we can do it without sacrifice anything in terms of quality experience. In fact, we think we can improve that kind of quality and experience that you get in a more traditional hospital type setting," said Carl Miller, Radiologist at Ideal MRI.

The hope with the new law is that competition will drive down prices for future medical care.

"We want patients to know that they have choices when it comes to their healthcare and medical imaging, and we are excited to offer a more affordable choice. "

People are still urging patients with insurance to contact their insurance companies for further details.

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