Richard Sherman was introduced to the general public via a postgame rant in the 2013 playoffs that had many pegging the Pro Bowler as a "thug" and "just another arrogant football player".  What we've seen from him since has been anything but "thug".

The truth is, Richard Sherman rose from the ashes of Compton, California to get an education at Stanford University and become an NFL superstar.  Sherman's postgame rant following a victory over the 49ers in the 2013 NFC Conference Championship game gained him notoriety, and not for the right reasons.

Taking a deeper look at Sherman, on and off the field, shows something completely different than the trash-talking defensive back we watch during the 60 minutes of game time.  Sherman is well-spoken, polite to those that interview him, and just sealed another victory with a bizarre press conference this week:  Best press conference of the year.  Maybe the decade.  Maybe ever.

OK, so Dennis Green still has the best press conference ever, but Richard Sherman comes close.  If you're not familiar with Green's presser, check it out below.




Sherman's press conference comes on the heels of teammate Marshawn Lynch being fined $100,000 for refusing to speak with reporters.  Lynch gave in to the league's demand, answering 20+ questions with just a shade over 50 words.  Brilliant, in my opinion.

Sherman took the opportunity to bring up the fine, along with the NFL's hypocrisy when it comes to player endorsements vs. NFL endorsements.  The subject matter is almost secondary to the "prop" Sherman brought along for the ride.