Remember we were all little and saw ninjas for the first time? Weren't they some of the coolest things we've ever seen? Which lead some of to us to wanting to actually be ninjas later in life.

Unfortunately, that really isn't a viable career choice. So some of us have to settle with feeling like a ninja, or watching media involving so called "ninjas." One example is Ninja Warrior, which got so successful that it got an American spin-off.

But training to potentially be on those shows is a gigantic feat, and some of us certainly don't have the time to put forth the effort. So we'll have to take short bursts of feeling like a ninja.

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One business new to Austin is certainly aiming to replicate that feeling.

Ninja Nation's Austin Location

KVUE reports that the business, which has other locations in Dallas and Houston, is set to arrive in the city of Austin, Texas. The opening date will be sometime in the spring of 2023. The area is even designed by Geoff Britten, who gained fame from American Ninja Warrior.

The space, taking up over 16,000 square feet, will also be holding the "largest obstacle floor space" and "largest Ninja Nation concept" according to Geoff Britton. The owners, Tatiana Jitkoff and Atlas Cage also are very excited for what the business brings to the city.

Jitkoff stated in a comment ,"Creating a place where people can explore challenges and push themselves in a supportive, fun community environment is exactly the kind of energy we want to bring to our hometown."

For those wanting to see more of what the courses will look like, click here to see more.

Are you excited to see this business come to Austin? Would you like to see one closer in Central Texas? Let us by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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