Due to recent negotiation breakdowns and rising costs of outsourcing emergency services in Nolanville, Texas, the city determined they were no longer going to move forward with the Central Bell County Fire and Rescue, but instead transition into a new department capable of handling ambulatory needs. Local authorities basically ruled that private ambulance services no longer met the requirements of the community, and their costs were too great.

The new plan is to establish ambulatory service for the community within the newly formed fire department, so that medical response services will be part of their duties. Their initial capabilities will be to provide basic life support and stabilization at the scene, and grow into more services as the training and equipment acquisition allow.

Why has the city decided to make this change now?

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It is not a secret that there have been ongoing conflicts within the municipal departments, and a considerable amount of turnover with personnel. When you factor in the bids by private medical transport and their quoted rising costs, it appeared to create a definitive need to add the new fire department to the city services.

As a growing community, this was most likely an issue that was going to require attention sooner than later. Creating a local emergency response entity rather than one that was serviced by the county regionally was going to become mandatory.

Until the new fire department can become fully equipped, ambulatory serves will continue with Acadian Ambulance Services. You can read more with this KWTX article.

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