One major thing we need to keep ourselves afloat in Texas? Money.

We all need it to buy things needed to live of course. You're welcome for the reminder to take a trip to the grocery store as well. Texas seems to be filled with many wealthy people too right?

I mean, why else would this show be set in Texas:

With how rich the state of Texas truly is, one question has now popped into your head. We can probably guess it as well. Is the question you're thinking of is...

What Is The Richest City In Texas?

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Could it be Dallas? We just mentioned it for a reason after all. So let's get down to business to discover it.

We turn to 247WallSt to help deduce where the richest city is in the Lone Star State. With many Texas towns to examine, four main factors were used:

- Median Household Income
- Statewide Median Household Income
- Households In The Area With Income Of $200,000 Or Higher
- Population

We've got everything in order now to discover the wealthiest city in Texas. Place your bets now on where you think it is! So without further ado, the number one richest city in Texas is...

Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown!

Yes, Central Texas claims another title for a number one area in Texas. The stats, as reported by 247WallSt were:

- Median household income, 2022: $94,604 – the highest of the 25 state metro areas
- Statewide median household income, 2022: $72,284 – #24 highest of 50 states
- Households in Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown with incomes of $200,000 or higher: 175,533 (4.5% of households – #18 highest out of 384 U.S. metro areas)
- Population, 2022: 2,421,115

We just realized, there's a lot of people in that area isn't there? But this data also verifies that Austin is pretty expensive to live in too... 

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