They've been rightfully elected and given the voters' consent to carry a weapon and protect their homes, their businesses and, most importantly, their families.  That was apparently not good enough for one Oklahoma lawmaker.

3 generations of Garretts. Photo by Erica Garrett.

Coming from a law enforcement family, this stuck out to me as such a slap in the face.  Oklahoma, traditionally, has one of the more corrupt systems in the country.  Looking at the history of scandal in the state it seems appropriate to consider Oklahoma City the "Chicago of the south".

As I recently reported, I have more than one dog in this fight.  As the grandson of one of the few politicians in Oklahoma to not be brought down by scandal during one particularly ugly kickback scam, and as the son of an Oklahoma police officer, I've got a bit more of an opinion on something that most Central Texans might not typically care about.

The 40 sheriffs that came to the state capitol for a bit of schmoozing got more than they anticipated.  They got the door.  It's amazing that a state capitol notorious for scandal and incompetence dared to call into question the worthiness of these individuals to carry their state-issued weapon.

If only Okies were smart enough to ask the entire current crop of legislators to kindly leave the building during the next election cycle, I'd feel a lot better about this incident.  Alas, they are not.  The nameless lawmaker (AKA coward, chickens%^t, etc) should at least have the courtesy of not hiding behind his/her door while insinuating these sheriffs pose a danger to their personal safety.