Finding your 'happy place' is getting harder every day.

The list of 2022's happiest cities in the country has been released from WalletHub, during what could be some of the most stressful times in recent history.

Out of 182 cities on the list, only ONE in Texas made the top 25. Austin made the list, but was ranked 30th.

14 of the top 25 happiest cities are in California, while the city at the bottom of the list was Detroit, Michigan.

What Makes a City Happy?

WalletHub based their newest list on several different factors, including job security, depression rates, and the frequency of divorce.

Of course, stress plays a factor in determining happiness as well.

According to the American Psychological Association, 32% of Americans said that in the past year, the coronavirus pandemic caused so much stress for them it affected their ability to make basic decisions about anything, including what to wear and eat.

It makes sense that reducing your stress level would increase the level of happiness in your life. Moving to a location that is closer to friends, family, and activities you enjoy can be a huge way to improve your lifestyle.

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The Happiest Cities in the United States

To get the 'happiness score', WalletHub gave each city a ranking based on 30 key indicators ranging from depression rate to income-growth, and average leisure time spent per day.

WalletHub's top 25 happiest cities for 2022:

25. Chula Vista, California
24. Garden Grove, California
23. Oxnard, California
22. Plano, Texas
21. Aurora, Illinois
20. Anaheim, California
19. Scottsdale, Arizona
18. Glendale, California
17. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
16. Oakland, California
15. Santa Clarita, California
14. Santa Rosa, California
13. Bismarck, North Dakota
12. Minneapolis, Minnesota
11. Fargo, North Dakota
10. San Diego, California
9. Huntington Beach, California
8. Overland Park, Kansas
7. Seattle, Washington
6. Madison, Wisconsin
5. Irvine, California
4. San Jose, California
3. San Francisco, California
2. Columbia, Maryland
1. Fremont, California

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