Most dads want to think of themselves as "dad of the year" material.  In the beginning, that's certainly true.  As kids get older, they discover dad's not perfect. I didn't think that time would come so soon for my 7-year-old, Logan.  His Father's Day card is all the proof I need.

Something you should know before we go any further is that Logan is NOT afraid to offer his opinion, even if it's pointed and a bit too honest for one's liking, he'll do it.  I'm not sure where he gets it from, but if you ask my wife it's definitely from my genes.  I believe otherwise.  Either way, he's never held back in the past.

He's asked me why I call people stupid and why I'm so mean to people when I'm driving.  He's called Erica & me out when a discussion is slightly turning into an argument with, "Oh, are we going to do this again?  Argue & apologize?".   Little s%$t.  I mean, I love that boy's honesty.

The direct comments and criticism from Logan is one thing, but it's his less-direct jabs that will get you.  This, again, is a hotly-debated topic my wife & I talk about often.  Who does he get this smart$$ backhanded approach from?  I will take full credit for this one.  I can sting with words through a very indirect path.  Logan's willing to lie in wait to get his point across, and with his Father's Day card to me he says it all.

Outside & inside, Logan gets his point across. "Happy beer day - Love Logan"

Now, certainly, I'm no teetotaler.  I have a beer or two when I get home from work in the evening.  It's easy to see how the hour or two I have around the boys in the evening can affect their opinion when I've almost always got a beer nearby.  I don't pound them, and even by the very strict definition of binge drinking, I'm not binging or overdoing it in any way.  Take that, Logan!

Still, a single card has gotten Logan's point across.  Here's the crazy thing:  He does it to be funny.  He laughed and laughed when I asked him about the card.  He thinks it's hilarious because of the cat on the front.  That's why he got the card.  His jab inside about "Happy Beer Day" was again "Classic Logan".

He'll tell me all day it was about being funny.  I believe that's a half-truth.  Still, it's not going to stop me from enjoying some delicious hoppy-goodness after work.  It just means I'll be drinking that beer out of a red solo cup at home from here on out.