With Father's Day this weekend it's time to take up that time-honored tradition of thinking you're a better dad that all the other dads.  I'm better than most, but I'm not better than THIS dad.

I can't figure out whether I'm now the, "Being in radio isn't THAT cool, dad", dad, or if I'm, "Thank God you don't fly planes like that, dad", dad.  Considering there was the day I took my then 6-year-old son, Tyler, on a B-24 flight from Austin to Temple and got airsick all over the back of the plane I don't think they'd ever expect this from me.  Maybe my sons think I'm even MORE lame than I was, though, after seeing this dad.

Being able to interview the Miz on the radio probably doesn't seem as cool to Tyler after seeing this dad in action, and Logan being recognized in public as THE Logan from the radio may also take a back seat to super-dad here.  Thanks for making it more difficult to impress my kids, Mr. French Flyer.