Good news for supporters of open carry: the Killeen City Council on Tuesday denied a motion to consider a resolution that would ban the open carry of handguns at future meetings.

Our partners at News 10 report that the issue had drawn considerable attention in prior weeks, but it was handled swiftly at Tuesday afternoon's meeting.

If you watch video from the meeting, you can hear what happened beginning around the 32min16sec mark. City Attorney Traci Briggs spoke before the council to clarify that any ban would apply to anywhere the City Council met if there were signs posted. Council members would not be exempt, and Briggs said any council member discovered to be carrying would face arrest.

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This presentation PDF was made available on the City of Killeen's website.

Hunter King with the Killeen Daily Herald reports that Councilwoman Shirley Fleming made a motion to approve the item, but it died without a second from any other council member. Councilwoman Melissa Brown then made a motion to deny the resolution, with all but Fleming voting in favor of it (6-1).

Briggs was asked if any other local cities prohibit the open carry of handguns at council meetings. KWTX reports that Copperas Cove, Temple, and Waco allow handguns at meetings, but Harker Heights does not. According to the Killeen Daily Herald, the motion to prohibit them in Killeen seems to have been a way of prompting the council to approve the use of metal detectors or wants on anyone entering council chambers during a meeting.

Again, you can watch last night's  meeting here. The comments and vote on the handgun issue begins around the 32min16sec mark.

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