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Instead of searching you out, the City of Killeen has decided to give you the chance to take care of business and come to court on your own.

Outstanding Arrest Warrants in Killeen, Texas

If you have an arrest warrant, it doesn't mean you committed a serious crime. Arrest warrants can occur after even minor infractions like traffic violations.

There are more than 4,000 people with outstanding arrest warrants in Killeen, Texas, and KCEN is reporting that Judge Kris Krishna wants to work with them to take care of the issue. Krishna said a warrant can prevent you from renewing your driver's license, and the amount of the fine can increase if it gets sent to collections. While a fine of several hundred dollars may be hard for some to pay in full, Krishna said he will be happy to work with them if they come to the municipal court.

Some of the amounts on the list are fines of only a few hundred dollars but Krishna said people can still get arrested, even for a Class C offense, because there is a warrant attached to it.

How to Handle an Outstanding Warrant

If you have a fine that you can't pay in full, there are options. Krishna says you can be set up on a payment plan. You can also ask to see the judge, and schedule community service hours to handle the issue. Krishna said the city may still need to do a warrant roundup, but he would like to postpone that until next year, if residents take care of the fines on their own.

You can see the list of outstanding warrants in Killeen here.

The Killeen Municipal Court is located at 200 E Avenue D Suite 1 in Killeen. The number to reach the court is 254-501-7850.

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