As government rent assistance is coming to an end here in Texas, I would imagine the amount of money spent on bills will change too.

A recent study of people in Texas done by the website Doxo shows that people in the Killeen area pay less than other cities in Texas by far.

How Much We Spend

Did you know that residents of Killeen spend an average of $1,759 a month on the 10 most common household bills? We are spending less money on monthly bills than many other places in Texas.

How much less? According to data from Doxo's study, people in the Killeen-Temple area are playing 6.8% lower than the Texas average.

We're doing pretty well when it comes to comparing our costs to the national averages too.

What Bills Are We Talking About?

When it comes to rent, people in Killeen on average pay $1,062 a month compared to $1,279 for the state of Texas average.

Mortage payers in Killeen on average pay $1,062 a month compared to the rest of the Lone Star State.

For auto loans, we pay a little more in Killeen - up to $432 a month for our car notes compared to the rest of Texas paying $411.

We Are Paying Less For Insurance Too..

Let's talk insurance costs around here.

Auto Insurance: According to the report here in Killeen we pay almost $30 less than others in Texas

Health Insurance: My fellow Killeenians are paying $20 less than everyone else in Texas

Life Insurance: According to the report we are getting over it! We are paying $20 less than everybody else in Texas

Other bills we pay less for include Cable and Internet, Cell Phone, Alarm/Security and utilities. Here in Killeen, we pay $50 less than other Texans do for these utilities

Is it because people in Fort Hood get that military discount?

This puts Killeen's bills at 6.8% lower than the Texas average of $1,888.

Who's Paying the Most?

Unsurprisingly, people in the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown area pay the highest average when it comes to bills: about $1,888. They're followed closely by Brenhman, Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington, and Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land residents.

Who Pays the Least?

While prices aren't so bad here, if you really want to pinch pennies, your best bet is Zapata, Texas. Their average income spent on household bills is $1,249.

Livin' Well

Be thankful we live in the 254, because we are definitely paying less than others in Texas!

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