Dozens get burned at a Tony Robbins seminar in Dallas Thursday night.

It seems that Tony Robbins thinks so much of himself, that after listening to him drone on and on, you'll be able to walk across burning coals. I guess the mode of thought is, walking on fire is less painful than listening to Tony Robbins. I could be wrong. Maybe it's the only way you can leave the seminar early.

Thursday night five additional ambulances and two EMS supervisors, among other resources, were sent to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. Dozens were burned, and 5 had to be taken to the hospital with more serious injuries.

A statement from the Robbins Research International said, in part:

In Dallas tonight, someone not familiar with the fire walk observed the event and called 911 erroneously reporting hundreds of people requiring medical attention for severe burns. While we are grateful to the quick and robust response from Dallas emergency services, only 5 of 7,000 participants requested any examination beyond what was readily available on site.  We are pleased to have completed another successful fire walk for 7,000 guests and look forward to the remainder of an outstanding weekend with them.

This is not the first time that Tony has struck. In July 2012, close to two dozen people reported being burned in a San Jose, California event.

The Tony Robbins people at the Dallas convention are chalking this up as a successful event. They said that 7,000 people went through the fire without injury. Well, maybe they'll burn more at the next event.