Many of us have gone past the Texas Thrift Shop on E Veterans in Killeen, but did you know that many people think it's haunted?

Years ago this thrift shop used to be a bookstore. The ghost hunters at talked to a few people who they say have had encounters with at least one ghost on the property.

It was a very stormy day in Killeen when a young woman came into "Hastings Books" to get out of the downpour. The story goes that she stood in the lobby looking out the window at the rain when she suddenly shot herself right there in the bookstore. The people in the shop along with the employees erupted in panic. The woman did not survive the gunshot.

Fast forward to recent times when the BPR site says they caught up to a man who has witnessed the old "Hastings Books" ghost, and it even attacked him.

A man named Joel says he walked down the isle in the Thrift shop one day only to feel something hard make contact with his foot. He describes the feeling of running his foot into something solid but he saw nothing. He went across the store to look at a circular rack of shirts. As he flipped through the clothing he felt the same sensation on his foot. Joel says he looked down to see a hand come out of the clothing rack. It grabbed his ankle and he fell to the ground. He says as he lay on the ground he saw a young woman with red hair suddenly climb out from somewhere underneath the rack of clothing. He was helpless and couldn't move. He claims she crawled over him until she was face to face with him and she began to snarl. Joel swears she had sharp, pointy, blood-stained teeth.

He did his best to try get away, but that's when he remembers someone saying his name over and over. He describes it almost like waking up from a dream to find the Thrift Store employees standing over him. Joel says off to the side of the employees he caught a glimpse of the demon girl crawling away.

Who can say which local ghost stories are real and what is just floating around on the web? Are you feeling thrifty enough to take a chance? The address is 2200 E. Veterans Memorial in Killeen.

Of course, if you'd like to avoid the possibility of a ghostly adventure altogether, maybe the comment left by a competing thrift store is more helpful....

If you do happen to visit the Texas Thrift Shop, please be polite and respectful. They may even share a story, especially if ya buy a bunch of stuff.

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