Here's some good news if you're a tiny swine lover. The Killeen,Texas City Council has approved an amendment to the Chapter 6 ordinance to allow miniature pigs within city limits.

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There are still restrictions, however. At first, the City of Killeen discussed a weight limit of 150 pounds, but after consulting with a local vet, it was raised to 200 pounds. In order to be considered a legal pet, the pig can not exceed the weight and height limit, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.

Emotional Support Pets in Killeen

After Jewellian Jones moved to Killeen, she had an argument with a neighbor at her apartment complex. The neighbor then reported Jones' pet pig Penny May to Animal Services. Jones has owned the Vietnamese pot-belled pig since it was two days old, and says Penny May also serves as her emotional support animal, providing comfort from her medical condition.

Killeen's ordinance still states that livestock, including pigs, cannot be kept within city limits. The ordinance will stay mostly the same, but now has the added amendment to exclude miniature swine. This will allow pigs like Penny May to be kept inside the city limits.

What is Considered a Miniature Pig?

The amendment states that miniature pigs are defined as any member of the swine family that has been genetically manipulated to grow to a maximum height of 20 inches from feet to shoulders, with a maximum weight of 200 pounds.

Pig owners in Killeen must also make sure their pet receives yearly vaccinations against erysipelas, parvo virus, and leptospirosis.

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