Yesterday (March 15) just around lunch time, Pizza Hut posted a cryptic status picture teasing the return of a legend.

For a moment, the nostalgia center of my brain lit up and I had a flashback to the 90's.

Remember the Bigfoot pizza?

"A legendary value", it says in the commercial. Legendary!

That pizza was a big deal when I was a kid in the 90's. Everything seems amazing when you're a kid with all the energy in the world, hormones blasting through your brain at lightspeed, and a heart not yet painted black by adult cynicism. There was something radical about that pizza that meant you HAD to have it at your birthday party.

I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning, but that ad somehow stuck to the inside of my brain matter. I let myself get my hopes up, but then I followed the link in Pizza Hut's Facebook status and, well...I don't think Bigfoot is coming back.

I could be wrong. It could be a fake-out or I could be incorrect in my assessment of what I'm seeing, but the peak behind the curtain doesn't look Bigfootish to me. Looks more like a Hot Pocket. I think it's their P'Zone, which was like a mix of a calzone and a flaky fruit pie (without the fruit, obviously).

I don't want to bash on Pizza Hut. They make a good pie. But they need to think before they post. They need to consider what using the phrase "A Legend Returns" will do to people who grew up in the 90's and remember when a rectangular pizza with six topping only cost $10.99.

You're killin' me, Pizza Hut! You're killin' me!

And for anyone who wants to take an extra deep dive into 90's nostalgia, here's another thought I had: Was the Pizza Hut logo the shape that was flying behind the Black Lodge curtains in Twin Peaks? "That pizza you like is going to come back in style," I hear The Arm saying. (Backwards, of course.)

Ok, maybe I'm getting a little too carried away here.

We've got 1 day and 10 hours (as of this article's publication) until Pizza Hut tells us what's going on. Until then, I'm going go back to YouTube and binge on some sickly-green tinted 90's commercials. Gotta kill a weekend somehow.

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