The Killeen Daily Herald is reporting that Police say there really is "more" for sale at The Smoke Exchange at 3319 E. Rancier.

On Friday of last week a search warrant was used to discover over 4 pounds of marijuana. Travis Pereira was charged with possession of the cannabis according to an arrest affidavit. Pereira told police he is the owner of the shop while he was in police custody.

KDH reports that police obtained a search warrant February 9th giving them permission to search the shop and Pereira's home. Police affidavits say they found 4 pounds of marijuana plants, 4.6 grams of THC in oil form, and police also found cocaine in a cooler. Several loaded handguns are also in the affidavit as having been found through the Smoke Exchange store location.

A post appeared on The Smoke Exchange facebook wall telling customers they are indeed open for the legal sale of all your smoke and vape needs.

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