Don't feed the animals!

You have probably read that before and this is a great example showing why feeding wild animals is not a very great thing to do - especially if it's allegedly the largest alligator in Texas.

This one liked to go to the boat dock.

On Wednesday, October 12 Gary Saurage and his team from Gator Country out of Beaumont, TX caught a record-setting alligator measured at 13 feet and 8 inches long. The 900+ lb prehistoric monster is believed to be the largest gator ever caught alive in the lone star state.

Saurage wrote in a Facebook post:

I have been looking for one this big my whole career. Today we did it! 13ft. 8 inches. Yall may not get it but this is the pinnacle for me.

The alligator was captured from Champion Lake in the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge because it was getting too close to people after a few had given it food. Saurage told the Houston Chronicle they were called to Champion Lake to remove a number of alligators, but this particular one was of highest priority.

This one liked to go to the boat dock.

The big ol' reptile was brought to Gator Country and will soon have it's own pond at the facility to swim in.

Saurage has been asking people on social media to help name this beast - some of the answers have been great.