There will be a Public Memorial this morning for two Bryan fighters killed in the line of duty.  Gregory Pickard and Eric Wallace, both Lieutenants with the department in the Central Texas city of Bryan, were in a group of firefighters responding to the blaze about midnight Friday at a Knights of Columbus hall. According to a report from the Dallas Morning News, the team entered the burning building but didn’t come out when ordered to evacuate,

With Wallace still inside, Pickard and two other firefighters — Ricky Mantey Jr. and Mitchel Moran — were sent in to rescue him, when the roof collapsed in flames, Fire Chief Randy McGregor said.

Rapid response units found the men inside the building. Mantey, 30, and Moran, 21, also were injured. They were taken to the Galveston hospital with burns. On Saturday,  they were both in serious but stable condition.

The Memorial will be held this morning in College Station.