(Putnam, Texas) - The only constant in life is chang. Throughout the years in the Lone Star State, people, places, and things have come and gone. Today, we'll focus on the people part of the equation.

They Moved On

Yes, we've all had friends and family leave the state. It certainly is a sad moment, but then new folks move into the area, and they bring their own style and making their mark on the town. But what if someone leaves, and no one comes to fill in the blank space?

One town in Texas has found itself in the predicament, but it seems the decline of people living there began almost as soon as the town was founded.

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Putnam, Texas - A Small Town With A Small Group Of People

While scrolling on Tik Tok, one video appeared in my feed showing the conditions in Putnam:

The video shows a town that seems lost in the hustle and bustle of the growth of the state over the years. According to Historic Texas, original plans for the town were set in the year of 1910, where the mineral water in the area was planned to help create a health resort.

Those plans fell through, and it seems the people living in the town also started to dry up. Data shows that the town had 410 Texas living in it in 1940, but numbers in 1980 revealed only 116 called Putnam home.

The most recent census revealed that the number of individuals living there had dropped into the double digits, sitting at 65. So while it seems Putnam remains on the map, many Texans may not know it exists.

Will Putnam undergo a revitalization? Only time will tell.

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