Country superstars Rascal Flatts get along, but they don't always agree. There is at least one song on the trio's new 'Rewind' album that didn't initially get a full vote of confidence from lead singer Gary LeVox, but they have a process for working out their differences.

"Gary tells us what to do and we do that and we move on," Jay DeMarcus says, clearly joking. Joe Don Rooney adds "He's the lead singer dude!" while LeVox shakes his head. The three men smile before getting to the real answer.

It does ultimately come down to if LeVox feels the lyrics, but again and again he's shown a willingness to give a song a try, even if he doesn't care for it. "Gary will say ‘You know what, because you guys believe in it I’m going to go in and give it 100 percent,’" DeMarcus tells Taste of Country.

"And I think there have been a couple of times where after Gary sings it he’s kind of changed his opinion about it. Because it ends up being something different than what he preconceived."

There's a pause before Rooney cuts in with, "But he’s in there the whole time flipping us off. It’s a little uncomfortable." The room erupts in laughter.

LeVox didn't share which song on 'Rewind' was the one he had initial reservations about, because it could become a single. But it's clear all three trust each other. Rooney went out of his way to brag on DeMarcus's character in the studio. The bassist is the leader in many ways.

"I’ve learned a lot from Jay as a wannabe producer myself," the 38-year-old Rooney says. "But Jay, he’s a good lead horse when you have a room full of really seasoned professional musicians. They all look to Jay for guidance on any tracking session we do. I love having that in our band because he also pushes us."

It doesn't take long for levity to fill the room once again. DeMarcus jokes that his bandmate of 15 years is making him misty and the two promise to bro-hug later.

That collaborative spirit has served the group well over the last decade. They're amongst the most successful country groups of all time, but they've never lost sight of what's important. Recently they gave back to the community by participating in Outnumber Hunger, a collaboration between General Mills, Big Machine Label Group and Feeding America that supports local food banks. Prior to the ACM Awards, they participated in the Outnumber Hunger Live! concert in Las Vegas. For several years they've been reminding fans that when you purchase specially marked products and enter the product codes at, they can help Feeding America secure meals for their local food bank.

'Rewind' is in stores now. The group's ninth album features the Top 5 hit 'Rewind,' as well as powerful tracks like 'Riot' and 'The Mechanic.' Watch the trio perform a new song called 'Payback' in the video below. You can also read more from the group's Off the Record interview with Taste of Country HERE.

Watch Rascal Flatts Perform 'Payback'