It's time for our second take on all the great places to get guacamole. This time we're sharing places in Killeen, Texas and Harker Heights. Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, wanted to share with you my 10 best places (thus far) to enjoy guacamole on the west side of Bell County.

If you missed it a couple of days ago, took you on a tour of great places to grab guacamole in the Temple and Belton area. Even threw in my own homemade guacamole recipe.

Will be the first to admit, there's nothing special about the recipe. It's simple and quick. The reason it tastes so good is because it's guacamole. With that being said, when you find that special something extra, that is what makes it your own.

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With Cinco de Mayo on Friday, and the birthday of the frozen margarita (a Texas original) next week, you can be sure a ton of guacamole is about to be eaten. So, get yourself out there, and check out these options.

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