Reba McEntire's new hit sitcom 'Malibu Country' didn't air a new episode this past Friday. Instead, it was a repeat of the pilot, given that we're in the thick of the holiday season and that sort of programming. The singer and actress still took time out of her busy schedule to send holiday greetings from the set to the show's viewers and to her fans.

Reba shared the 30-second greeting via Twitter. She is seated on the arm of the green couch in her character's living room. Obviously, she has reason to celebrate this holiday season, since her series is doing so well and is beloved by her fans. We actually appreciate the simplicity in this clip. We're glad that the singer/actress didn't dress up as Santa Claus or turn in a funny greeting that falls in line with the show. This approach was streamlined and more effective.

"I wanted to tell you how much fun we're having doing the show and thank y'all for joining us in this adventure," Reba said. "We are having a blast and we look forward to many more shows that we tape next year and we hope that you join us for those, too."

She also wished viewers and fans a happy holiday season and lead the off-camera cast and crew in doing the same.

Be sure and tune in for more 'Malibu Country' in 2013.