A cool new option is available to all Texans when it comes to your license plate and we all know we take pride in our vanity plates as much as we do our cars. 

Whether you like it or not, when you're driving around you're part of a game. Maybe more than one game if you're driving around in a Beetle (punchbuggy!). You're also a part of the license plate game. Sure, you'll be a Texas plate, but now you can be even more. You can be an Alamo plate! Plus, not only will you look great while you're part of the game, you'll be helping preserve a national treasure.

Via TXDMv.gov

Thanks to the Texas General Land Office, Texas State Representative Lyle Larson, and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, you can now purchase a "remember the Alamo" license plate. And as a bonus, each plate sold will result in a $22 dollar donation to help reserve the Alamo plus provide educational programs about this National Texas landmark.

The Alamo plates, along with a long list of other plates from colleges, sports teams, and other causes, are all available online on the TDMV website.

Via TxDMV.Gov