There may be something in the water at Lake Belton, and several dogs have reportedly died after visiting.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, multiple dogs who have drank water from or swam in Lake Belton recently have died shortly after their visit.

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Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have began testing the water, but have not yet reached a conclusion on why the water may be fatal to dogs. Currently the USACE has found no indication of harmful algae bloom after an initial visual survey of the lake and shoreline.

The USACE is planning to partner with Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to further test the water. KCEN-TV reports that samples will be tested for cyanobacteria in San Marcos, and that Presley's dog was playing in the water at the Morgan's Point Marina before he died.

Until the investigation is complete, dog owners should take precautions if visiting Lake Belton.

Personally, I do not let my pup in any lake. There're just way too many harmful things in lake water, and I would never want to put his life at risk. Every time that I have visited a lake with nail polish on, I've come out of the water with none.

If a lake can strip nail polish, then there's something definitely not right, which is why I haven't taken a dip in a lake in over 10 years. Again, I'd rather play it safe with my dog's life and my own.

PLEASE do not allow your dog to drink or become submerged in the water at Lake Belton until we have answers. Better yet, don't even take your dog near Lake Belton or any still bodies of water.


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