Labor Day means a break from work. Some folks would like to start that break on Friday and make it a four day weekend. Congratulations Fort Hood Soldiers, you get that four day, but we civilians have to come up with an excuse for skipping out on Friday.

First, watch this re-enactment, Paddy didn't have to lie and he has the bruises to prove it.

Good for you Paddy, but not everyone can have an opportune run in with a pile of bricks.

So go ahead, let the lying begin!

A Choice Hotel's survey found some innovative excuses people have used to skip work.   I think I can safely say, the Boss did not believe them!

Family Problems

My sister got kidnapped and I have to go find her.

My wife is pregnant but I have these sympathy pains.

My child came home with a really contagious eye infection. I should stay away from the office until it's safe.

My husband will be out sick today, Friday and Monday. So I have to take care of him.

My wife got a terrible hair-coloring job, and I must stay home to provide moral support.

Animal Trouble

My dog didn't wake me up.

There's a snake on my porch so I can't leave the house.

My dog hid my car keys.

My aquarium busted, and I must save my fish.

And this one, I know could really happen

I had to stay home to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

It just might work, you may have to see the company psychologist when you get back, but what the heck, Four Days OFF!