Last night was the "Super Moon" and while I don't exactly know what that means because I skipped that day in Science class back in Junior High School, I do know that whatever it was it sure had my dogs all stirred up.

Usually the dogs are very lazy and can't wait to scratch out their own little spot in the bed with us and start snoozing immediately, but last night we couldn't find my second born doxie Dewey Cox Ballou anywhere. He isn't the smartest pup in the litter, bless his heart, so I just assumed he got locked in the garage or a closet, but we soon found out where he had been when he brought us his new best friend...a giant toad!

Yes, my husband is wearing gloves!

Ewwww...grossest thing ever.

At first I was concerned that Toady was poisonous and might have secreted something into Dew's mouth that could have made him sick, but after doing a little research we concluded that it was a "Woodhouse Toad". Thanks to the magic of Google and my Facebook friends, it looks like Dewey's new friend was pretty harmless and even helpful because they eat lots of bugs.

We took him into the front yard and set him free to hop, hop, hop away and live to croak another day.

(Yes, I realize that this little tale is a bit anticlimactic. It's Monday and my life isn't that exciting.)