I am lucky enough to be the human to two of the cutest, sweetest piebald dachshunds in the whole wide world, Dolly Parton and Dewey Cox Ballou...but lately they have been driving me INSANE!

Dolly and Dewey

Dolly and Dewey are my wonder weenie twins and while they are 99% of the time house dogs, they do have access to the backyard thru the doggie door. Since the weather has gotten warmer, they love to play outside and lay in the grass. I am glad they get to enjoy the sunshine, but BOTH of them have suddenly started SCRATCHING and ITCHING themselves like crazy. At first I was mortified at the thought of one of my babies having fleas so I gave them both a flea dip and treated them with the Frontline and I never saw a single flea.

Since both of their bellies were so pink and raw from their non-stop scratching, I finally took them to the vet. She confirmed that they did not have fleas and were most likely suffering from skin allergies from the grass. She sent us home with some EXPENSIVE Oatmeal/Aloe doggie shampoo and said to control their scratching with Benadryl. While I do think the Benadryl has helped give them a little relief, it doesn't seem to have stopped the scratch, scratch, scratching.

I think we are ALL at our wits end and NONE of us are getting any sleep!  I have looked online at some "home" remedies, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop my weenies from itching?  PLEASE HELP!