The Robertson County Sheriff's Office stated that Thursday's pot farm bust is the largest drug seizure in the history of the county.

Local officers found a pot farm in Robertson County deep in a wooded area on Oil Well Road off of State Highway 7 - east of Kosse. The farm consisted of 5,900 marijuana plants (some as high as 6-feet tall), which equals to approximately $2.9 million. All of it was seized and officials saw the intend to destroy all of it.

Sheriff Gerald Yezak told KWTX "... this is the largest we have ever sized. before this one was five years ago in the Benchley area."

He went on to say finding grow operations in remote areas like these are very challenging.

This was a piece of land that was not in any type of use. It was heavily wooded, and they went in there and had their grow operation.

Currently no arrests have been made, however, officials did find a camp back in the woods, which is believed to be where the growers were living.