A Rogers High School senior feels she's being denied an honor she's worked hard for, and she's determined to make school officials see reason.

Allyson Talbott's story caught attention on social media after she posted a letter from Temple College stating that they'd misreported Allyson's grade for a dual credit class. She should have received a 97, but TC mistakenly reported a 92 to Rogers ISD. According to Allyson, class ranks were calculated during Rogers' spring break, and the grade caused her to slip from valedictorian to salutatorian.

In a Facebook post, Allyson said she was ready to accept the ranking until she learned of the mistake. Unfortunately, she discovered it two weeks before graduation, and school officials say it's too late to make a correction on their end.

"This is utterly wrong and disrespectful," Allyson wrote. "I earned a 5 POINT HIGHER GRADE and the school reported it as a 92 which caused me to be #2 by such a small margin. I was fine with being #2 but after realizing my grade was calculated incorrectly and the school is refusing to recalculate it, I am beyond mad. A 5 point higher grade will make a huge difference to a margin that was only .075. We even have proof from Temple College of the mistake they made."

As reported by our news partner, KWTX, Rogers Superintendent Joe Craig issued a statement Wednesday in which he stood by the district's policy.

"We determined, through consult with our school attorney, the district followed our board policy in naming the valedictorian and salutatorian for the graduation ceremony based on the information that was available to us at time set established in the policy,” he wrote.

Allyson and her mother attended a Rogers school board meeting Wednesday night in order to fight the decision. KWTX reports that an emergency meeting will be held Monday to discuss the matter.

"Do the right thing," Allyson told KWTX. "Be honest, That's what we've learned all four years in high school, and I just wish the school would own up to the things they tell us to do."

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