First let me state this off the bat: Alexis bloomer seems like a thoughtful, conscientious, well mannered and well spoken young lady. She undercuts one of her assertions, that her generation is rude and crude. If she is any indication, millennial's are in great shape.

Her comments re: millennials may play well with the cantankerous, get off my lawn crowd,  but as someone who is firmly in generation X,  I urge her and those in my demographic and hers to realize generalizations are just that.  She does not have data at hand to either prove or refute the images she puts forth as emblematic of her generation.  That's why I can't believe things are as bad as she says they are. The elders always think the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

It's why the Who's "My Generation"  resonated with several generations after it. The same thing that was said about the 1960s generation – heck, any generation from the beginning of time who had to deal with parental scrutiny - is being said today.

I believe people are inherently good, and I'm not willing to give up when a few bad apples try to spoil the whole bunch.