Leave the gun at home. Bring pencils.

School lockers

KWTX is reporting that a Junior High student in Salado was taken into custody after school officials found a .32 caliber pistol in his backpack.

It seems that two fellow students found out about the gun and reported it to school officials. They removed the backpack from his locker and found the pistol. He was taken into custody without incident.

Bell County Sheriff's office released a press statement where it said that the pistol had seven rounds in the magazine, but no round was chambered.

Growing up, we brought guns to school all the time. During hunting season you could find trucks with gun racks full of them. They went hunting before home room. They would even clean them during an off period. But those, of course, were rifles. I did bring a six-shooter replica BB Gun to school once. I was asked not to bring it back. These days, I'd have a record and be branded for the rest of my life.

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