I'm a major fan of the hit series 'Yellowstone' starring Kevin Costner, as a lot of folks right here in Central Texas are.  A local fan and business owner from Salado got the chance of a lifetime: a small part in the show.

News 10 reports that Randy Bloomer, owner of Bloomer Trailers in Salado, was in a scene that was shot last year. The episode aired this past Sunday night on the Paramount Network.

Bloomer told News 10 shooting lasted about 2 days.  He rode a horse beside Kevin Costner and had a small speaking part.

“I think I just grimaced and said the word ‘good’," he said.

Taylor Sheridan, the director of 'Yellowstone', grew up in Bosque County and Forth Worth. He reached out to Bloomer to ask about using his trailers in the show.

Bloomer said, “Kevin Costner is the man, and when he walks on the set everyone gets quiet. He was so cool to me. I was with him all day and Rip and Kayce and all those guys."

This had to be such a cool experience!  I've had a chance to meet and have conversation with Kevin Costner in Nashville, TN.  He was extremely cool and very nice.  Maybe I'll have a shot at a small part on Yellowstone.  You never know!

Check out News 10's video interview with Randy here.

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