We've all seen some fantastic things that built in the state of Texas. There are simply too many to count are there? Buildings and certain amusement parks to just name a few right?

But we won't be focusing on the infrastructure of the state today. Rather, we'll be looking at things built from smaller things, like...LEGOs! Thing is though, the toys may be a little pricey to some, and we may just have to admire from afar. We've seen some absolutely amazing items built from simple bricks.

The one we're about to talk about though, it's reminding us of one very famous movie.

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Be Careful, There's A Shark...On The Land?

Wait, a land shark? Those aren't real are they? We don't think so, so what are we talking about here today?

Well good for us, this rather big animal isn't real at all. Actually, it's made of the bricks we discussed eariler, LEGOs! Honestly, this is one thing we wish we could build in our own homes:

Just look at this big shark! We're simply glad that's not real. Though to be fair, now we're wondering how much it took to construct this brick animal.

We guess at least 7,500 LEGO bricks. So what exactly is the number of bricks used? Thankfully, the San Antonio Current has the info we're looking for.

As it turns out, the number is double the one we guessed. The San Antonio Current reveals it took 15,000 bricks to put it together! On top of that, it took the builder's time for almost over 3 days, at 80 hours. It also is pretty heavy, at 136 pounds.

Oh it's so cool, but thank goodness once again it's not real!

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