He is the Ultimate Lie Detector, very good at tracking the bad deeds of the Human Race,  so why not put Santa Claus on the Jury.

From Long Island, New York  54-year-old Santa Claus, was summoned to jury duty.  Santa legally changed his name from Frank Pascuzzi in 2012.


Last week Santa showed up at Suffolk County Criminal Court without his sleigh, no reindeer, no elves. The New York Post reports Santa did not even wear his suit.  Maybe it was too hot.   “I wore blue jeans and my green sneakers, a red dress shirt that just happened to have me, my sleigh and the eight reindeer on the back — nothing overboard,” Santa told the newspaper. “I wasn’t going to wear the suit — they’d lock me up,” he recalled. “I’m not going to tempt fate.”

But Santa was ready to sit and do what he does all the time,  determine if the defendant was really bad or good.   He never got to say because the murder case was dismissed.

Why is Santa Running From a Dinosaur?/FaceBook

So I guess it's back to enjoying his vacation.  Don't ask me why he is running from a dinosaur. Remember Santa can go places we can't.

See you in December Santa!