In Texas it's hot nearly all year round, but this day in 1960 was a day many in the Lone Star state will never forget. Temperatures topped out at 140 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of Central Texas 57 years ago today.What was described by meteorologists as a "strange super heated wind" hit an area near Kopperl, west of the Brazos River, centered over Lake Whitney. This burst of hot air completely ruined crops in the area, and caused radiators in automobiles to boil over. One store in the area lost its roof, and at least one tree was reported to have completely fallen over due to the high temperatures.

Parents at the time are said to have wrapped their children in soaking wet towels and bed sheets, and many in the area thought the bizarre weather occurrence was signaling the end of the world.

This strange weather phenomenon began just after midnight in Kopperl, Texas on June 15th, 1960. The event quickly became known as "Satan's Storm" to the locals, and is part of local folklore to this day.

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