There was a time when I loved and looked forward to Taco Tuesday. My tiny hometown has a place that is far from a secret. Everyone knows on Tuesday you can get tacos for $1.50, and that two story restaurant would be packed to the brim every single Tuesday. Unfortunately I have had no such luck finding a Taco Tuesday spot here. So here is where you come in, where is the hidden gem? I am talking about the delicious carne asada, or tacos al pastor NOT in a hard shell. Hard shell tacos have a time and a place, LATE LATE night when nothing else is opened besides your go to fast food joint. The requirements for a great Taco Tuesday are as follows:

  1. Special price on Tacos on Tuesday's
  2. Delicious Tacos (NOT in a hard shell)
  3. Drink specials to wash down the tacos (It's a perk)
  4. Variety of tacos (Not just one meat option)
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos
IslandLeigh, ThinkStock Images

If you have a spot that you know of, tag them in the comments below, rest assured one way or another I will make my way over! Pretend your Dora the Explorer, and you're just showing us the way to Taco mountain, we need guidance here!

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