Semi-Spoilers, obviously.

Y'all. After 6 stomach churning months of knowing the truth about Ezra, tonight is the night that Aria actually finds out that her on again off again boyfriend is 'A'! I think I speak for everyone when I say, It's about time!

In tonight's episode, titled Free Falling, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer mull over whether they should or shouldn't confess their suspicions about Ezra being a super-freak to Aria, who just got hot and heavy again with her teacher-turned-boyfriend. We'll also see Ezra confront Aria about Spencer going all Jessie Spano with her recent 'addiction' to an Adderall type drug, clouding her credibility when it comes to her recent sleuth work. Check out two extended sneak peaks of tonight's episode below!

Okay, so we now officially know that crazy Mona is in fact helping Ezra. Duh. I have to say, she may be a bad seed, but girlfriend is a pro when it comes to winged eyeliner. How do you guys think Aria will take the news? Will you be watching? Tweet me, @DaniOnUS105!