Let's admit it.  We've all dreamed of booking one of our favorite bands to play a show in our backyard, but we all realize how silly it is to spend a year's (or more) salary booking a band for 2 hours of personal enjoyment.  But if we win the lottery...

There's a list that's been released by a talent booking agency that's a bit of a cheat sheet into the world of live music economics.  I can't believe James Taylor costs over a million bucks to book!!

Have a look at the list of the cost of booking a band.  If you've got a cool million to blow you can get in the neighborhood of the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin TimberBieber (that's 2 Justins combined into 1... you're welcome), Bruce Springsteen or Madonna.  If you're a peasant and can only afford half a million dollars for a band you can still go for Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts or Pearl Jam.

Further down the line you can book some of the all-time greats like Merle, Willie and everyone's favorite... Creed.  If you keep looking down the list and get into CCR, the Goo Goo Dolls and Clay Aiken in the $100K range.  There's a lot to look at on this list.  Who surprises you the most being either too much or surprisingly little?  Go to Facebook to weigh in on the topic.