The Robinson Family Farm is back in full swing for the fall! Check out our video walkthrough of the farm and see whats new this year!

New this fall will be the addition of live entertainment on Saturdays and Sundays. Usually, between Noon and 4 pm you'll be able to catch live music while you visit the farm. Various artists will perform while families play at all the fun stations around the farm.

If you missed the fun today, US 105 is back on the farm on October 14th!

Looking ahead, the Troy High School Seniors return the weekend of October 21st and 28th to haunt the corn maze! Pumpkin Patch specials include all Jacks (White or Orange) for only $8 dollars. Let me stress, a giant pumpkin at a store in town will cost you up to $25 or $30 bucks, at Robinson Family Farm - $8 bucks.
Corn, mini pumpkins, and gourds are $1 - $2 dollars.

See you on the farm for the fun!

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