It's always nice when you receive money in Texas, it's always a treat to say the least.

Whenever money is sent, whether it be for a celebration of a birthday, or to help a charitable cause, there's a multitude of reasons that funds are sent. What many might not think about, is that there are also different ways of sending the cash.

It could be sent via an app, or perhaps in card via the email. Of course there's always just giving the cash to the individual in person as well. Heck, even a check works sometimes.

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But going back to the sending money through the mail, an issue has made itself known across the nation, and sadly, Texas isn't safe from the issue.

Check Fraud Across The Nation, And How Texans Can Avoid It

According to CBS News, issues regarding mail carriers getting ambushed by thieves, and an increase in fraudulent mail. CBS News states that individuals are also stealing mail from people's homes or from collection boxes from the USPS.

When someone steals a check from a mailbox, the Federal Reserve reports they remove the ink off the check, then write whatever amount they wish on it. This in turn remove more money from an individual's bank account.

So how does one in Texas avoid falling to fraud?

How You Can Avoid This Fraud In Texas

CBS reports that the best way to avoid the potential of this happening to you is to simply not mail a check by placing in it your personal mailbox or using the blue USPS mailboxes we all know well. Instead, if you're going to send money, simply take the mail to the USPS post office to send.

Be smart, and be safe Texas!

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