All of us at one point in our lives have dreamed of going to space right? Even kids growing up here in Killeen, Texas can aspire to touch the sky. We've seen the exciting unknown in various forms of media. I remember being transfixed on the planets as a young child.

And of course, Pluto was my favorite planet, with Jupiter a close second.

When we grow up, we begin to see who we want to be and what life we want to live. For one man, the space dream became a reality.

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Meet Shane Kimbrough, Astronaut and Killeen Native

According to NASA, Kimbrough joined the organization in 2000, and then chosen as an astronaut in 2004. In 2008, he took his first space flight.

He spent 16 days above the ground, simply to help make the crew living quarters larger in the International Space Station. When speaking of the moments before take-off to KXXV, Kimbrough simply said:

"I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be in life, I had worked many, many years to be at that exact moment."

But that wasn't the only flight Kimbrough participated in

There were two more flights Kimbrough took part in. They were also much longer than his first journey. His second trek to space?

Almost half a year, at 173 days in the galaxy. He also attained the position of Commander of the International Space Station during that time.

However, he eclipsed the the half year mark with his third journey. He spent 199 days in space. In total, Kimbrough was in space for 388 days.

KXXV also stated that he is ranked fifth in most time spent in space by NASA. His final words to KXXV? They're simple:

"Make sure you're respecting people along the way, you're not thinking you know everything. Be humble."

Congrats On Retirement, Astronaut Kimbrough!

Thanks for being an inspiration to all the aspiring scientists and astronauts in Central Texas. Kids, this just goes to show that the sky is not the limit - it's only the beginning.

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