Eric Simpson of Dew, Texas was under the impression he had left a sock down inside his shoe. When he reached in to grab it, he discovered a 14 inch Osage Copperhead snake instead. Eric was taken to East Texas Medical Fairfield, and then needed a helicopter ride to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical in Waco before he could be treated with anti-venom. The Copperhead bit Simpson on the finger, but it ended up causing swelling clear up to his elbow.

Keep an eye out, y'all! The recent heavy rains in Texas have lots of things that crawl around on the ground looking for a dry place. Apparently, Mr. Simpson must keep a very clean pair of shoes! I don't know that the snake would have wanted to take a nap in mine. A few scents that are suppose to help keep snakes away include mothballs and cat litter, sulfur, and cinnamon oil. Still nervous? Here's a helpful link to some DIY snake repellents!