It truly saddens me when I hear about a a shooting in Killeen. After all, this is the city where I grew up. But what's absolutely heartbreaking is when that shooting involves a good person I know.

This past weekend, there was a shooting at a Halloween party. My first thought was, "Wow, I’m glad I didn’t go to this particular party".  My next thought was, "I hope that everyone is ok".

Unfortunately, there was a man who was wounded due to the shooting. The reason why this article is very near and dear to my heart is that not only am I a native of Killeen, but the gentleman who hosted the party is actually a friend of mine.

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I know this gentleman, and not only is this something he does not tolerate, but he's never displayed any type of out of control behavior. What he was trying to do was bring the community together to have a fun time in our city with friends and family. Instead, someone decided to act violently and put an end to that. The host is not only a loving friend, but he’s also a loving father and I don’t think that people take that into consideration when they commit such dumb acts.




The person who was wounded this weekend is probably thanking God as we speak that it didn’t escalate to anything more destructive than just that. Either way, it shows that as a community, we have to make sure that we come together and we don’t allow this sort of nonsense.

Once we see it starting, we need to make sure that we do what we can to deescalate it immediately so we can just have peace and be able to enjoy yourselves as people. We all deserve that.

From my understanding, the person who did the shooting in this incredibly stupid,  unnecessary act was not from the city of Killeen. Still, it shouldn’t have happened and I’m very thankful that my friend and his friends are okay and alive.

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