Had the parents visiting last week from Bismarck, Spring Blizzard City, North Dakota.

Didn't have any plans to do much, except get to Waco to see the Silos.

Mom loves her some Chip, and wanted to be at the Silos in case they announced the birth of their new baby.  Of course, Mom loves babies, as seen in this picture.


I figured we'd go on a Tuesday since it was sure to be slow. Turns out there is no "slow" day at the Silos. I dropped the folks off and drove away. Wasn't about to spend $10 to park and walk around a place I had no interest in. The last time the folks came down, we stopped in at the original store. I stood outside and took peoples pictures for the hour Mom walked around the store.


Mom made the trip shorter this time because she hit the bakery. Turns out 8 cupcakes, and 8 cookies will run you around $50. And if you spend $50 dollars on something you want to get it into a refrigerator as soon as possible.

She had a great time, and since she had fun, then my Father had fun. On a side note, the cookies were amazing. The cupcakes, not so much. But then, I'm not a fan of cupcakes.


When people make cupcakes, which of course are tiny cakes, they lose their minds on the frosting. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE!!!! Look at a piece of cake. To be more precise, look at the frosting to cake ratio of a piece of cake. 1/8 an inch frosting, 1-inch cake. Good mix. So why in the world would you put an inch of frosting on an inch cupcake? TOO MUCH FROSTING!!!!

Also, don't know what this means, but when you scrape off the 7/8 of the frosting you don't need, you can't get rid of it. I put it in a container, then filled the container full of soapy water in the sink. 12 hours later, the frosting was still there. You'd think the soap and water would've dissolved it. Just a warning. Don't eat the frosting.

The folks loved the cupcakes and the Silos. It made the trip to Texas worth it. Never mind they missed out on a week of snow and cold back home. And that they got to see their first born for the first time in 3 years. Nope, it's Chip & Joanna and the Silos Bakery.