He is only 10, but Willie Myrick from Atlanta Georgia managed to convince a kidnapper to let him go.


Willie's ordeal began the night of March 31.  The little boy was outside his Atlanta home with his dog, when he spotted a few dollars near a tree. When Willie walked over to the money, a man grabbed Willie and forced him into a car.


Willie says,  "He was cursing at me, telling me to shut up, and didn't want to hear a word from me".  That is when Willie started singing a gospel song,  "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker.  Willie sang that song over and over again for about three hours.  The kidnapper told him to shut up, but Willie kept singing.


The man finally let him go. Willie says, “He opened the door and threw me out.  He told me not to tell anyone.”  The man dropped Willie off on the side of a road in East Point, Ga.


Stranded miles from his home, Willie went door-to-door asking for help.  An elderly man called the police and contacted Willie's guardian.


Police are looking for the kidnapper, and the community has raised $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the kidnapper.