Truthfully, there is only one way to drink tequila – and that is one shot at a time. Of course when doing so, you must be prepared for any number of indiscretions ranging from the mild “vomit in the cab” story to a full-blown international incident involving a set of brass ball stretchers, a chicken and an electric fence. Theoretically speaking.

Drinking quality tequila is also a good way to keep it classier, as the bottom shelf swill tends to get us sloppier. Sombra Mezcal is a new mezcal (the term for tequila not made in the town of tequila) made with top-notch organic agave and not some pureed and partially-distilled liquid chupacabra whipped up in the community urinal of a maximum security prison in Tijuana.

However, while inexperienced tequila connoisseurs may not clearly understand the perils of drinking from the bottom of a dusty well as opposed to reveling in the top shelf discrimination of Sombra, it should be noted that the bridge between social drinker and multiple felon can be quickly traversed by the presence of a worm at the bottom of the bottle. (Note: Good tequila does not require a worm.)

This mezcal tastes spicy, smoky and fruity -- there's a hint of roasted pineapple sweetness to it. The smoky flavor is due to the process; it is aged in Encino Oak. The finished product is 45% ABV, which is why we advise caution.

Despite it's quality, Sombra Mezcal master sommelier Richard Betts advises that if you are still worried about maintaining a certain level of civility when consuming such a fierce beverage, there are a number of suitable and sippable cocktails available on their website.